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ENGLISH football star Wayne Rooney had sex with a 2000 pound1,200-a-time prostitute when wife Coleen was pregnant, the News of the World revealed today.

Wayne Rooney, the England footballer, has issued a press release saying he used to visit massage parlours and have sex with prostitutes. Laura Simpson has warned it's 'game over' if she can't get the device back. Laura Simpson, who was with a drunk Wayne Rooney recently, says if two people have sex and one is in a relationship, the single person is not wrong. Sex of baby. After seeing her Placenta Plus box, followers of Coleen thought the pink logo indicated she's having a girl.

One person wrote on Twitter: "I think she's having a girl." Another added: "Your box is pink does this mean your having a Girl!?". Wayne Rooney and Alan Shearer, England captains present and past, have urged soccer players to come forward with allegations of sexual abuse amid the growing scandal in the British game.

Laura Simpson said the pair may have considered having sex but added nothing happened except kissing before his arrest. LAURA Simpson has taken to social media to blast sex cheats who blame "the innocent party". In 2004, the Sunday Mirror reported that a teenage Rooney had paid £140 for sex with prostitute Charlotte Glover, then 21, and gave her his autograph as a “souvenir”. A month later, he was said to have slept with Gina McCarrick, then 37, at a £45-a-go brothel in Liverpool.

Wayne Rooney. Уэйн и Колин Руни стали родителями в четвертый Секс-скандал Уэйна Руни стоил ему рекламной кампании · Новости · 3 октября 2010, 13:57 27 · Уэйн Руни известил жену о секс-скандале смс-кой · Звездные пары · 6 сентября 2010, 14:20 105 · Уэйн и Колин Руни: "А мы, такие, отдыхаем!". The sex worker at the centre of Wayne Rooney's previous prostitution scandal offered her sympathy to the footballer's wife, Coleen, over new allegations of infidelity.

The second prostitute involved in the Wayne Rooney sex scandal has told how the teary-eyed footballer was ridden with guilt after their sordid threesome.

Vice girl Helen Wood today breaks her silence and reveals how cheating Wayne Rooney had three-in-a-bed sex with her, then – riddled with guilt – hung his head in shame and asked her: “Why the hell did I do that?”. Wayne Rooney has admitted having sex with prostitutes after he was caught on CCTV visiting a backstreet brothel.

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